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Starting in 2006, anyone participating in the Drift Mania Championships series must possess a DM Competition License.

Acquiring a DM license is a simple process that involves participating in a practice event held by Drift Mania or an approved drifting organization. During this practice event, the applicant will be tested and juged, and if deemed fit for competition, will be issued a DM License, otherwise known as a "hardcard."

Please read the following rules for more information. These rules can also be found in the Official Drift Mania rule book.

Licensing Rules and Regulations

DM Competition License

  • A DM Competition License will be required for all Drift Mania sanctioned competitions.  A DM License shall not be required for Drift Classes, test & tune events and lapping days.
  • All competitors at DM official competition rounds must have a DM competition license. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Acquiring a DM Licence

  • A DM license can be acquired by attending practice/qualifying events held by a Drift Mania approved drifting organization.
  • In order to obtain your DM competition license:

A) The car must pass a pre-event technical inspection
B) The driver must attend a qualifying session where he/she will make single judged runs.  Drivers with an average score of 8/10 or better will qualify for their DM license.

  • Pre-event technical inspections may take place at the authorized practice sessions or at authorized speed shop/mechanic locations.
  • The DM Competition license is valid for one year. 
  • The top 16 drivers overall at the season's end will maintain their DM license for the following season pending a tech inspection at the beginning of the new season. 
  • Formula D or D1 license holders are approved automatically for their DM license.
  • FIA/ASN and SCCA license holders must still qualify for their DM license.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A $60 registration fee will be charged for the license.
  • Authorized local drift organizations and speed shops will be listed on the Drift Mania website.


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