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About us



Drift Mania Inc. officially took over the drifting scene in Canada on October 23, 2004.
After holding a number of drifting clinics and starting the process of educating the Canadian public on drifting, the DM Championship Series was born.

In 2005 Drift Mania held Canada’s first multiple round drifting championship series where 4 rounds of competition where held across the province of Quebec.

Drift Mania Inc. organizes and promotes Canada’s top level drifting competitions and drifting demonstrations.  Entering its second season, The DM Championship Series is Canada’s first, only and biggest drifting championship series.  It is the home of Canada’s top level drifters and the only series to span from province to province.

2005 Fast Facts:

- First Canadian Drifting Championship Series
- Over 3000 spectators per event
- 32 qualified drivers per event
- 5 top Drift Mania drivers performed demonstrations at the Molson Indy Montreal
- Drift Mania coverage featured on local and National television broadcasts

2006 Features:

In 2006 the series will be divided into 2 regions:

East Coast Series - 5 rounds:
Montreal (2)
Toronto (2)

Special Event (1) - Drift Mania Challenge: USA vs. CANADA

West Coast Series - 2 rounds:
Calgary (1)
Vancouver (1)

Special features at each event:

Team championship
Tire Wars
Media Drift Challenge

Not only does Drift Mania hold the country’s best drifting competition, but it is also heavily involved in properly educating drivers and spectators on all the aspects of the motor sport of drifting.

Drift Mania strives to provide the best experience possible for our drivers, spectators, sponsors and more!

Behind The Scenes:

Drift Mania has offices in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.  

Our main staff consists of:

Alexandre Crepault – Business Development
Alex broke onto the automotive scene back in 2002 when he released Québec Tuning, a youthful car magazine directed at the heart of the growing Québécois tuner market. In its pages he has showcased the hottest cars Québec has to offer, while keeping an eye on the global automotive market. With Drift Mania, he hopes to once again showcase some of the hottest cars in Québec, and now the rest of Canada too, making them jump off the page and onto the track.

Vincent Noel – Marketing Director
After completing his studies in Marketing and Advertising, Vince worked with  various automotive clients before joining the Québec Tuning Team in September 2002, shortly after its inception. Today, as the Marketing Director for the magazine, he enthusiastically decided to get involved in the drifting scene, which has a level of competition and exitement that is sure to reach new levels in 2006.

Marco Santos – Driver Representative
As the former Director of Racing at Drift Mania, Marco has decided to get back into competition and become the spokesman for the drivers. As the voice of the Drift Mania drivers, Marco will ensure the drivers and Drift Mania remain true to each other. He is the guy that started it all in Québec, back when he first purchased his 240SX and decided to install a potent little Japanese-spec motor in its engine bay. With all the newfound power, his 240SX started showing signs of oversteer, and he liked it.  Over the years, he honed his skills, and today Marco remains at the top of his game as one of the best drifters in Canada.

Ryan Lanteigne – Program Manager
Ryan spent most of his younger years reading about cars and dreaming about driving them. A 3-year stint at Georgian College’s Canadian Automotive Institute gave him the knowledge and contacts to make his dreams come true by allowing him to work in the world of Ride & Drives. After four years of traveling across North America with various automobile manufacturers, he has joined the Drift Mania team so he can learn how to drift from guys like Marco.

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